The Achievement Rights Agency on Communities (ACRR) has started the project “Enhancing democracy through Promotion and Protection of Minority Rights” in November 2018. The project is planned till June 2020 with the support of the EU Delegation in the Republic of North Macedonia.

The main objective of the project is improving the efficiency, competitiveness and accountability of key institutions responsible for protection of community rights and promotion of equal opportunities for all citizens.


The project is divided in three main activities:


  1. Strengthening the capacities of the ACRR
  1. Established cooperation between ACRR and other interested parties
  1. Improving the visibility of the ACRR through prepearing communication and PR strategy


Main experts that will cooperate with ACRR are professor doctor Alessandro Simoni  from the “Degli Studi” University from Florence and Human Resources and Advisory Expert Filipo Romoli.